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The Avalanche Report

Winter tours require a special kind of preparation. In order to make your trips safe, you need to be well-informed about the weather and snow conditions. To make your planning as intuitive and precise as possible, our maps now include official data from the avalanche warning services for numerous Alpine regions and some other mountains in Europe.

Where does the data come from?

The interactive map shows the avalanche situation with all current warning levels.

The data is updated daily and comes from the official avalanche warning services:

  • Avalanche Warning Service Bavaria (DE)
  • WSL - Institute for Snow and Avalanche Research SLF (CH)
  • Vorarlberg Avalanche Warning Service (AT)
  • Avalanche Warning Service Salzburg (AT)
  • Avalanche Warning Service Upper Austria (AT)
  • Avalanche Warning Service Lower Austria (AT)
  • Avalanche Warning Service Styria (AT)
  • Avalanche Warning Service Carinthia (AT)
  • Albina (AT / IT)
  • Aineva (IT)
  • Centre de Lauegi d`Aran (ES)
  • NVE / Varsom (NO)

Avalance Report in the Map and the Route Finder

You can find more information on the avalanche report by clicking on the "Maps and Trails" button in the map view at the bottom right and then clicking the "Avalanche report" under "Additional layers".

The respective warning levels are marked by clearly separated colours as well as by numbers from 1 to 5.

The darker an area is marked, the higher the avalanche risk at that location:


  • Warning level 1 - green - low avalanche danger
  • Warning level 2 - yellow - moderate avalanche danger
  • Warning level 3 - orange - considerable avalanche danger
  • Warning level 4 - light red - high avalanche danger
  • Warning level 5 - dark red - very high avalanche danger 



One click on any symbol will open a window showing the detailed avalanche bulletin for the respective region. The information displayed includes an extensive assessment of the danger levels, avalanche risk and the snow cover.

You will also see general trends, a review of conditions over the previous days and a legend explaining the most important terms.

We have also integrated the avalanche report's data into the Route Planner. The current avalanche information for that area will be displayed when planning trips involving certain winter activities, such as ski touring. Clicking on the symbol displayed will open the relevant avalanche bulletin. 

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