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Notices and Closures

The Notices and Closures feature informs you of the conditions of trails as well as some dangers. We also provide information on routes and areas that have been closed. This data is constantly updated, making you aware of the most current information available before heading out.

The information is available both on the web and in the app as an additional map layer.

What are the reasons for closing trails?

Not all areas are open to recreational use all year round. Many conservation areas may only be entered at certain times, such as, for example,  bird reserves, which would forbid entry during the nesting season.

Closures may also be temporary occurences, due to forestry work or damage to the trail following heavy storms. So that you know what the latest information is, all entries are given a validity date and only displayed for a specific length of time. 

Where do you find notices and closures?

Notices and closures can be activated as an additional layer on all map displays. They are also shown on the detail pages of routes, mountain huts or conservation areas. 

Notices are marked on the map in yellow and closures in red.

If a route runs through an area affected by a closure, the route's status is automatically set to "closed". As soon as the closure has ended, the route will be displayed as open again.



Where does the information come from?

Tourism organizations are able to post updates and information on local notices, closures and current conditions. Our community are also able to contribute information.

What is the difference between 'notices', 'closures' and 'current conditions'?


Notices serve to draw attention to impassability, diversions, dangers, or general updates in a certain area and usually apply for a specified period of time.

Example: "Hiking trail up the Aggenstein has reopened." or "Local diversion on Hope Street"


These are official road or area closures. All routes running through the affected area are automatically set to "closed" status and the authors of these routes will receive a notification. Notices can be given about any diversions that may be set up in the affected area. In such cases, a route will not be shown as "closed".Those responsible for uploading the closure on the platform will receive an automatic reminder asking that they verify and update the current status.

Example: "Kings Forest closed due to construction work."

Current Conditions

Current conditions are usually linked to a specific route or destination. They can also apply to a specific activity (e.g. as information for mountain biking).  Current conditions will display for 14 days after which the entries are then hidden as “no longer up-to-date”.  They are not deleted so that they can still be found using the time filter and search. Current conditions can be created by both tourism destinations and Community members.

Example: “Stage 11: Winter conditions continue on the SalzAlpenSteig. Apart from a few sections that run on winter hiking trails, the remaining area of the SalzAlpenSteig has not been cleared. "

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